First jewels, then pens

    The philosophy of Ferrari da Varese is to create unique pens which forms and precious materials will materialise, merge together into jewellery pieces. Therefore, Ferrari is considering their own creations not just as writing instruments, but as artistic objects. Maybe a reason for the brand to be present not solely in pen shops, but also in the shops from jewellers and watches dealers alike.

    Ferrari da Varese is using solely precious materials for the manufacture of their pens.
Besides Ferrari’s main material, the noble sterling silver, gold, natural horn and woods, glass-enamel and a bit of lacquer are commonly used in the manufacture of their pens. Nicely engraved or hand-crafted, the writing instruments get crowned sometimes with precious natural stones (diamonds, sapphire, turquoise, onyx…) or even pearls.

    Materials and forms are combined with each other into both modern instruments or, on the contrary, in retro-looking pens. Ferrari da Varese is willing to be present in both worlds: using ancient techniques and creating modern objects, using state-of-the art technologies but respecting the traditional pens manufacturing rules. Ferrari instruments are emerging from a balanced mixture where tradition, mythology, exclusivity and luxury are meaningful words translated into facts... and products.

    Whereas the Viennese engraving from Cylindrino or Viennese lines dates back to the baroque XVIIIth century, the shape of the Yesterday pen is more reminiscent of the late 50s. And the bull pictured on Europa cap is nobody less than the Antic Zeus, taking the shape of that animal to conquer his prey. The extravagant Cygno, which cap-shape would have never been formed without the use of the latest manufacturing tools, is a representative from more modern times . Past and presents interlace together.

    Fountain pens exclusively with massive engraved 18ct gold, iridium point nibs, roller with high-tech ceramic balls or ball-points, pencils or markers: the whole range of writing instruments is represented in Ferrari da Varese collection. The mechanisms inside are not produced by Ferrari itself, but –like almost all competitors- bought in Germany from the most-renown specialists. This insures the pen-holder to own not just a nice pen but a much reliable writing-instrument he – or she (Ferrari da Varese has indeed developed feminine lines) - can keep for years.
And actually, because Ferrari da Varese is very confident about the quality of their products, they offer a ten year warranty for all their pens… Setting new standards in the industry.

    Besides writing instruments, Ferrari da Varese has developed lines of exclusive desk instruments which quality is matching their pens standards: magnifying lenses, letter-openers, stamps concealed in the shape of a pen… All of them made with the same great care and the same attention to details accustomed to Ferrari da Varese.
The Konya set for instance, the latest desk-set creation, combining natural African horn with sterling silver (optionally available in massive 18ct yellow gold), is a wonderful example of the fine manufacturing crafts Ferrari takes great pride of.